[slɪp] verb I
1) if you slip, your feet slide accidentally and you fall or lose your balance
Margaret slipped and broke her arm.[/ex]
Be careful you don't slip on the wet floor.[/ex]
2) [I] if something slips, it slides out of the position it should be in
The knife slipped and cut my finger.[/ex]
The ball slipped out of my hands.[/ex]
3) [I] to go somewhere quickly and quietly, without anyone noticing you or stopping you
Several people managed to slip past the guards.[/ex]
I slipped away before the end of the meeting.[/ex]
4) [T] to slide something into a place or position, often so that other people do not notice
John slipped his arm around his wife's waist.[/ex]
He slipped the money into his pocket.[/ex]
5) [I] to gradually become less strong or good
Profits slipped by 13% last year.[/ex]
let (it) slip — to tell someone something that is secret by mistake[/ex]
[i]He let it slip that they intended to move to Canada.[/ex]
slip your mind — if something slips your mind, you forget to do it[/ex]
slip through your finger s — if something such as an opportunity or a prize slips through your fingers, you fail to get it or to take advantage of it[/ex]
slip through the net / crack s — to fail to be caught or protected by the system that was intended to catch or protect you[/ex]
- slip into sth
- slip sth off
- slip sth on
- slip out
- slip up
noun [C]
slip [slɪp]
1) a small piece of paper
I left the message for you on a slip of paper.[/ex]
2) a small mistake
Tom played well, despite a few slips at the beginning.[/ex]
3) a small change from a higher level to a lower one
a slip in the price of technology stocks[/ex]
4) a piece of women's underwear consisting of a loose skirt or dress with no sleeves
give sb the slipinformal to escape from someone who is following or chasing you[/ex]

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